Liberal Pessimism is Killing the Vibe

it's 2019 yet people are still writhing in pain from the 2016 loss to trump. i get it. it does suck. it's insane really. but to pout and whine about trump getting re-elected is straight-up pathetic and lonely. it's sad and overly pessimistic. if these doom-filled sentiments were only expressed by a few like michael moore, fine. however, as it is, despite 45's approval rating never going above 50%, it's an opinion shared by masses of liberals, as 19 or so democratic nominees, aim to gain suppport from roughly 75%+ undecided voters. 

what's the point in being so sad and defeatist? what good is it? we get it-trump is the worst! but to relish in the horrible thoughts of his being re-elected, and tell your fellow citizens we're "all doomed again", is a waste of time, shows a great deal of weakness and does nothing to further the conversation regarding ways to oust the corrupt pig. 

at his worst, citizens were still convinced w bush would never serve another term. he did, but it didn't stop the protests and push for a democrat to take over in 2008. perhaps w is second worse president of all time? 

american society is not used to having "nice things". thus, it's easily assumed we'll have 45 for another term, without thinking or aiming higher. if we can't have universal healthcare, surely, 45 can win again. but to think this way is to think racism, sexism and rape are winning. they are not. people are sick and fed up. to think he's a shoe-in to be re-elected, and america is forever doomed, is a cowardly way of looking at things. too defeatist and fodder for republican right-wing assholes who fed off of liberal tears and fears. 

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