Fuk Politics Episode Five: Is Using, "the I-word" Offensive to the "N-word", "F-bomb" and Others?

on this episode of Fuk Politics the online radio show, a step back to include politics with the Rainbow FliPpEr Musical Explosion! because politics and societies are bonkers, it's best to focus on music and that which helps soothe our nation! tracks included on this episode are: kurt cobain - clean up before she comes a tribe called quest - oh my god (remix) homeboy sandman - mine all mine xtc - generals and majors monk & coltrane - nutty tyler & earl - assmilk charlie patton - mean cat blues canned heat - human condition redman - cosmic slop lou the human - nirvana in the whip manfred man - tra la la small faces - lazy sunday mf doom - strange ways gangster - code of the streets

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