FukPolitics Episode Four: Money Woes W/Sam Tripoli (via phone)


a recession is looming and on this fourth episode of the FukPolitics
online radio show, Christopher Gordon discusses the economy, then, phones friend, Sam Tripoli to learn more about underground facts and unsolved mysteries.

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FukPolitcs Episode Three: Epstein & Immigration

on this third episode of FukPolitics the online radio show, i talk a bit about china/hong kong, jeffrey epstein's exit stage left and an interview with friend, Josh Goldstein, a brilliant immigration attorney. we discuss the problems with immigration today and the many hurdles met, in order to help get people their rights as human beings.

you can also listen to this episode HERE


FukPolitics Episode Two: Iran Sends Condolences


on this episode of our online radio show, Gordon discusses iran, its history and
their sending condolences on the heels of two mass shootings in america.

you can also listen to the show HERE