The New Member of the Supreme Court Said in 2006 He'd Faithfully Follow Roe V Wade

brett kavanaugh, once a clerk to anthony kennedy, whom recently retired from the supreme court after roughly 30 years of service, is now officially, member of the supreme court. imagine that: the clerk to the judge stepping down, is now on the supreme court. sounds like a no-brainer, after all, serving kennedy, brett learned the most. he saw his boss be the swing, the pendulum needed in the highest court of the land, to pass that which would greatly affect united states' society.

many found it odd to begin with kennedy would retire. seeing how superstar, rbg keeps on going. seeing how nutty the administration is--he would be needed throughout this term to keep all balanced. but, since the travel ban was recently allowed, who cares? its still a mystery why he'd choose to opt out now. at this moment. some cited close relations between the trumps and tony kennedy's family. money and so on. it's also been said to be chosen as the next supreme court judge, some money and flips on decisions helps.

brett kavanaugh in 2006, said he would follow roe v wade "faithfully and fully". and while he spoke out against his 2017 appellate court's decision to allow a 17-year old immigrant receive an abortion, he refused to sign a proclamation, immigrants did not have constitutional right to an abortion. he's a flip-flopper. but at 53, and with two daughters, one can only hope he'd continue to see some light, and be on the ethical side of abortion decisions. would he overturn roe v wade? if he's to be anything like his old boss, then no. he wouldn't. how could he sleep after overturning it? what would his family think of him. his mom is a teacher in the dc area. he's a charitable person: helps people, and donates his time to tutoring kids.

but he could flip. he could be that asshole we've all been waiting for. but to think this way is only negative and doesn't do any good. those on the inside have indeed compared him to justice kennedy. perhaps brett will be middle of the road, with conservative leftist ethics and morals. but was he the best choice? was this what's best for society for many years to come? will kavanaugh be able to pick up where the justice kennedy legacy ended off? only brett himself knows. only he knows which way he'll face abortion in the second term, healthcare and the ultimate destruction of all facets of obamacare. brett has been in the washington dc appellate court for 12 years. he certainly has his share of experience and exposure to epic legal matters.

kavanaugh is awkward as heaven. he's a goofball and his family gets easily embarrassed around him. the announcement from trump featured a shotout to regan's ed meese. which should have been followed by a large gasp, rather than the cheesy, lame and endless applause. when trump announced brett's full name as his choice for the next justice of the supreme court, the short-as-depp goofball, walked out with his family, all like cute crabs...sideways. he, behind his two litttle daughters (yet, both almost taller than their pop), arms on their shoulders, while mrs. new justice, stood cringely to the side, smiling at her pals.

trump made it clear he wanted a judge to take away reproductive rights away from women. the question remains now whether brett can flip on his 2006 assertion.

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