The EPA is Extinct

scott pruitt, the man responsible for the environmental protection agency's day-to-day actions, resigned. rather, he stepped away from corruption, unethical behavior and lavishly spending tax payers' money. he took numerous trips and always flew first class. he had a soundproof box built in his office so no one could dare hear a whisper of his phone conversations. pruitt managed to roll back years of climate change policy and actions meant to protect the planet. he was instrumental is convincing trump to get out of the paris accord, an agreement backed by numerous nations in order to monitor their respective carbon, and otherwise, footprints. 

in addition to lobbyists hooking pruitt up with cheap airb&b-type luxury apartments, it was recently reported he asked aides to find work for his wife. mrs. pruitt also made off with six-figure salaries for doing next to nothing for various groups and organizations. instead of going to court and getting legal, the worse head of the epa resigned and is officially out on monday, july 9th.

picking up where pruitt leaves off, andrew wheeler, a coal lobbyist, is expected to give americans more of the same. same lack of ethics and morals, different suit. but since this is on the heels of trump hiring a fox news talking head, who resigned from that gig over sexual abuse allegations, as hope hicks' replacement (deputy of communications); wheeler makes sense. to assume trump would pick someone to head the epa who has every intention of protecting the earth and its people, is feverishly foolish.

andrew wheeler makes sense because, not only is he a lobbyist, he has simply nothing to offer and will only continue policy rollbacks. hopefully, the one silver lining (if any) is finally someone can explain to trump how "clean coal" does not literally mean getting out a brush and soap and cleaning coal.

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