No One Cares About Donald Meeting Rocketman

president donald trump met with and is, as of typing is, still meeting with kim jong un. this is the first time in forever and who knows when, the american president and the leader of north korea have met. today's schedule had a huge "tbd" as no one knew for sure how the meeting would go. it was said if within the first five minutes it felt as though the summit would prove to be a waste of time--trump was prepared to leave. but things went well, are going well and we can all smell the engraving being made on the noble peace prize award. well, at least trump's supporters can. 

while this is all happening, social media has gravitated more towards the story of a stand-up comedian getting engaged to a pop star singer. net neutrality. other stories namely because despite the event carrying historical value, the president has very little support in the grand scheme of things. dropping 121 bombs a day, or one bomb every twelve minutes, won't garnish high approval ratings. 

if the president wants more recognition and attention, perhaps in addition to beefing up wars, bomb drops and drone strikes, he should start paying more attention to u.s. citizens. he could try to attend g7 meetings in a timely fashion and listen to other nations instead of running away after displaying combative behavior.