Peer-to-Peer is the New Face-to-Face as Social Media Ranks Supreme

peer-to-peer is king, face-to-face, unless via skype or google chat hangout, is fading. rarely does a corporate board meeting go by today without a member in attendance via laptop, or surrounded by a team located in a distant location, hudled around a webcam. roughly $31 billion was reportedly spent on social media advertising. and what was gained? what was the goal achieved? massive brand awareness and users' understanding of the project, product and mainly, shares and retweets. the days of in-person events and large gatherings for launches are also fading. consumer nation lives online. society finds itself streaming news, original programming and films. 

this is the new society. this is the newfound frontier for companies and traditional media to reach their audiences. it's been coming for some time and now, as the numbers coming in reveal, it's here. pump online content, use "influencers", generate revenue to then afford the more traditional adverts during late night television or prime-time (whatever that is). because if consumers are as worthy as we all know they are, they must be catered to; even as artificial intelligence dives into the pool. robots can't buy anything. and as smart and helpful as artificial intelligence is and will become, they don't deposit checks nor have a cryptocurrency portfolio. once they find out the means to independently invest for themselves and other robots, heads will explode. but, this is virtually impossible.

humans are humans. still capable of good and bad. still doing its best to regulate most facets of society and smack a label or team sticker on citizens. the united states has grown more divided over the past decade. namely because this lack of face-to-face, discussion and debate hinders true progress. given the lethargy and compassionless era, blanketing nearly everyone the world over, it's probably easiest to stick to online conversation and argument. it's safest to argue with a twitter bot, than actually physically listen to another person convey their opinions. just as it's easier to promote products and companies on social media where e-commerce flourishes as brands basque in the sunshine. 

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