Let's Get Ready to Torture

gina haspel was confirmed as the cia's new director. no surprise here as despite her inability to recognize torture from the bush administration as "immoral", many hawks around town, like her style. she does what she's told. she's never wavered from what's moral and what isn't. it's beer mattered really to haspel. when she has a job to do, she's done it. when asked to destroy hours of tapes showing torture conducted, she did it. 

when the president made it clear "torture works" and the only way to get at terrorists was to "kill their families", this wasn't just fodder for the media to twist and condemn. he was serious. during a time trump was known to make off-color remarks, and dismiss them as "gags" or "goofs"; as did his supporters--his position on the use of torture was very real.

as israel and the rest of the middle east battle, kill and die, those who threaten united states democracy and freedom, can rest assured knowing if they make it to american soil, they will most likely be tortured to death. "it works" and the new cia director won't be refuting this notion any time soon.

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