Kim Jong Un Can Read and He Definitely Read "The Art of the Deal"

president trump is losing his mind lately, well, continues to anyway. this time, it's not over white house aides' wrongdoings, leaks from inside or the fbi. it's because north korea consistently calls his bluffs and goes against everything he tries to convey in his book, "the art of the deal". the one-time real estate mogul, who figured he could apply whatever behaviors  went unchecked in his world prior to taking office, is learning world leaders and dictators, wanting to learn more about him, can simply read his book. 

kim jong un knows full well president trump is a master of media manipulation. he knows trump uses the press to both start wars and use as his mouthpiece. since day one in office, society quickly learned the way to speak to or reach trump, was to go on television and speak to him directly. all other leaders have seen this, and know it too. there is, as of now, nothing "secretive" about the former reality-show host. 

beating him at his own game, jong un recognized us' military forces practicing on south korean soil. he probably got word about the special june 12th summit coins made and sold by the us government. maybe he saw blind trump supporters' chanting "nobel" at his rallies. like, "i went and hugged moon for this?" the president then takes credit not ony for korea's lovemaking, but for stepping away from the june summit. in the process, announcing china and japan will gladly incur any costs for us military action if necessary. 

trump is upset because other leaders can read. but mainly he's upset because he's a player getting played and with bolton breathing down his neck for more war, despite losing bombs fast (a major reason why trump is now back in bed with china, as they help provide the us with many of its bombs' components), something must be done his way and quickly. the trump administration has dropped 80% more bombs than obama did in eight years. this administration has also the highest rate of innocent civilian deaths under its belt. 

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