It's Been a While: What Happened to the Syrian Chemical Attack?

eva bartlett, a canadian journalist who has made it her business to uncover the truth about syria, recently spoke with redacted tonight's lee camp, about her experiences and chats with syrians. she asked them about the chemical attack and discovered no one, literally no one, died as a result. she spoke as few other journalists dare to, about the event being nothing short of a false flag designed to keep the united states involved in the region.

the photos above show a bustling city in syria. women walk the streets, citizens visit cafes, children run around and it looks like any other city around the world might. so where are these chemically attacked victims? why must the united states continue to figure out how to stick their policies and military in syria? is it too discouraging for americans to leave other nations alone and allow them to handle themselves? 

is it perhaps too unbelievable a country or other nation would be able to handle itself without involvement from the us? has western media fallen silent regarding the most recent chemical attack because it truthfully never even happened? and if so, why would it matter to united states' citizens anyway? millions spent on bombs to drop in syria, is a drop in bucket. an action which holds little emotional value to the average american. they're fed news about assad, hear "chemical attack" and instantly, us citizens are on board, full steam ahead, allfor "humanitarian" reasons of course. everything has its reasons, real or fabricated. 

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