Israeli Jews Like Israeli Arabs But Not Enough to Live Beside Them

the above photos are taken from kfar vadim. it's an affluent, community driven part of israel and not too long ago, they put some properties up for auction--great news for the hard-working arabs whom mainly consider themselves and their families, as members of this israeli neighborhood. for far too long, may israeli Arabs have been frowned upon, not to be taken seriously due to their financial hardships and often, lack of proper eduction. 

and though over time, the arabs have been working hard to to educate themselves and provide for their families, the old stigmas have followed their progress, without reason or justification. 

back in 2012, the times of israel reported 52% of jews viewed african migrants as a "cancer". toward the end of 2017, netanyahu drove home this view by offering $5K for every african asylum seeker taken away by any other nation. "get them out of here. we don't want or need them and we'll pay any leader to take them." {I'm paraphrasing here}

this of course came from the same netanyahu who recently managed to dig up old nuclear tests, documents on cds and lab experiments from the 1990's; all in effort to prove why trump, nor the world for this matter, should ever trust iran and their "slim to none" ability to develop a uranium nuclear warhead. 

believer or not, trump of course agreed to back the israeli prime minister's decades' old information. clearly, a decision he would have wanted to arrive at despite whatever ill-informed propaganda netanyahu spat.

perhaps one would not have to hold their breathe very long before we see "trump synagogues" and "trump scheckle gambling casinos".

in march, the affluent israeli arabs, whom were accepted by those israeli jews in the kfar vadim, suddenly flipped when they discovered the same arabs sucefully put in bids for over 58 units of the 125 offered within the commounity. in fact, after much uproar and whining, the mayor of kfar vadim actually gave in, caved to the pressure, stopped the auction and reportedly stated: "i (sivan yechiel) am responsible for preserving “the secular-Jewish-Zionist” character of the town and was (am) asking the government to find a solution to ensure “demographic balances.”

wow. first off, what a shame the true colors of those "liberal and accepting" israeli jews, was seen in such a vile way. second, what kind of spineless mayor can so easily back out of giving opportunities to israeli arabs who busted their backs to, in most cases, be the first in their families to attend college/university, earn a substantial income to live in beautiful neighborhoods? 

even when those who once may have been a "have not", the bombastic task of assilimlating into different cultures harms the psyche of those who finally made it. made to it a point where all they want is a safe home and sufficient income to give back to the commohnities in question, and/or, simply provide for their family. 

mayor yechiel's attitude and behavior isn't too far off from most of America's landlords, mayors, senators and politicians in general. no one white in the United States, despite embracing black culture and arts, deep down, wants people of color moving into their community. there's no difference between the israeli two-faced friend to the arab and the white, jay-z quoting, two-faced liberal. properties can really not decrease in value based on factors such as high mortgages, depleted homes, loss of jobs and so on. not because people of color move in the town. affluence seems a more exclusive tribe than once imagined. 

open conversation and discussion, even debate, needs more encouragement. and it can't exist online. more people must meet face-to-face and listen to one another if attitudes and race relations are ever going to change. globally. locally. 

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