Israel Hates Iran and Dude, Where’s our $21 Trillion

as soon as the united states, after three years, decided to get out of the most restrictive nuclear arms deal ever, with another nation, israel seized the moment to strike iran forces located in syria. the notion these iranian forces struck first is manipulative. meanwhile, other nations such as france and germany, are remaining in the deal. 

what does this mean for the united states’ image around the world? does the president even care? most likely, he does not. his heart is with israel, as the us embassy readies to relocate back to jeruseulm—the once again, capital of israel. many years ago, after looking around and seeing it was one of only a mere handful of nations to recognize jeruseulm as the capital, the united stated backed out and sided with the united nations’ assessment that it was not the capital. 

the six day war in june of 1967, made it very clear israel was the most dominate in the region. don’t mess with israel, screw texas, israel means business. in fact, during the six days, the united states’ very own naval spy ship, the uss liberty, was attacked for roughly two hours by unmarked israeli jets. though navy officers were quick to get the american flag up, to show just who they were attacking, it meant nothing as they soon bombarded the ship with napalm and jammed the ship’s communication systems. survivors were offered up to $10k a head, to keep their mouths shut. john mccain’s father was at the helm of the cover-up. years later, the truth came out by those who experienced the terror first hand.  

prime minister, netenyahu, educated in the united states, was asked to speak before congress on march 5th, 2015. his speech received more standing ovations than obama ever received (on the same congress floor) in his eight years as president. take a look at this event and one notices after about 10 minutes in, the prime minister sounds no different than any other republican neo-conservative in attendance: 

but how does ending the nuke deal with iran look to korea? to europe? to russia? should anyone care? is this just “business as usual”? contrary to the wartime rhetoric spewed by netenyahu, a mere week before trump’s announcement, iran is not working on nuclear bombs or warheads. the slideshow and props used by the prime minister are dated and essentially make no sense to the common political junkie. the only thing taken away from his presentation was netenyahu is a grand manipulator, concerned only with dominatatimg his region. 

electing this president didn’t erase trust from allies and the like. rather, the president’s actions and behavior are reason for concern. french president, macron, trump’s newfound best friend, stayed in the deal. mattis, whom trump has great respect for and frankly, would be even more lost without in his circle, was the first to suggest staying in the deal. mattis was also under the impression chemicals were not utilized in the last internal syrian attack. but again, trump didn’t listen and decided to dump $221 million into air striking them. this action only killed more innocent civilians including women and children. in fact, since getting into office, trump has successfully killed more innocent lives than obama did in his eight years. staggering really. 

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