Why Gary Webb's Work Still Matters if Interested in Truth

gary webb was an independent journalist and uncovered one of the greatest government messes of the 20th century. he found connections with the cia, nicaraguan contra and the crack epidemic of the 1980's, which, didn't receive nearly any of the attention the opioid crisis presently receives. cocaine was transported from nicaraguan rebels in exchange for united states' arms and money. the coke was then dished out to people of color. "freeway" rick ross figured out how to turn coke into rock/crack, and sell it for less. on a good day, which was frequent enough, ross earned $1 million a day. it's been reported at the time of his sentencing, freeway rick had raked in $1 billion. but his product came from the cia. it was a great trade: keep the people of color addicted and poor, while fucking with another nation's war by providing cash and guns.
oliver north is about to become the president of the nra. the cia may possibly be lead by a woman who supports torture and carried out astonishing acts of evil. gina haspel is no different than the cia who provided guns to the contra while pumping crack into los angeles' impoverished neighborhoods. in both instances, the cia tortured a lot of people.
gary webb's series for a sacramento newspaper regarding the cia's behavior and its consequences, in 1996/1997, was akin to snowden talking to wikileaks about the nsa. this was a shocking story. his paper was quick to deflate the story and rather than defend webb for his suburb journalism, condemned and distanced themselves from him. in 2004, despite the coroner's initial report of finding a lifeless gary webb with two gunshot wounds to the head (which was later changed to one), his death was quickly ruled a "suicide", without investigation nor looking into webb's claims of odd government people scaling his house; and leaving hurriedly whenever he came home. he wrote, close to his death in an email, "if i die, it won't be from suicide", even webb knew it was bound to happen. webb knew he was going to have to be silenced. especially since he was working on a book about his work on the "dark alliance" series regarding the cia and drugs.
webb and his story still matter today, in 2018, because as all media is deemed "false" and "the enemy" by the present administration, they do in fact sway from truly telling any sort of truth. corporate mainstream media has a real issue these days: from hyping up the stories of Russia collusion, Stormy Daniels vs The Donald to Kanye West tweets and old mayors turned raging lunatic, presidential attorney. webb wanted the truth, reported it and was silenced for it. heralded a hero posthumously. these days, when a reporter tells the truth, or, reports on matters media usually won't, that reporter is deemed, "a risk taker" a "whistleblower" and "edgy". as if the notion of reporting such things is outside the norm and so foreign it confuses some people. and so society has issues accepting truth or even exploring it and having conversation. it's as though truth itself has become an esteemed and valuable commodity; or perhaps a scarlet letter to be worn by those who seek it.

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