Dear America, What the Hell Are You Doing?

with 52 protestors already confirmed dead and a reportedly 2,400 more injured at the gaza strip, one has to ask was israel's capital's move really necessary? rather, was america's embassy move to jerusalem necessary? israel has always considered its capital to be in jerusalem. that's nothing new. but, they never quite officially, on paper, promoted it until now. now america has sealed the deal. 

bill clinton, w bush, obama all said during their times in office, they would acknowledge jerusalem as the capital and thus, move the embassy there. none of them ever actually did it, obviously. this fact, will, no doubt, be reason why trump supporters will shout, "he's a man true to his word", as during his presidential campaign, he did state he would make the move. so while kushner silently made trips to israel, and is expected to return to the region again very soon, to discuss peace in the middle east; it's become clear his father-in-law isn't putin's puppet, but netanyahu's rag doll. 

while israeli and united states' "politicians" were inside the new american embassy, listening to one another give kudos and congratulations, the strip was literally on fire and under it. the numbers of deaths and injuries will, without question, rise by the time this piece is published. israel is bombing and killing at an alarming rate. and if the chemical attack in syria, not long ago, was worthy of attack for humanitarian issues, why isn't anything being done to stop israel? and how are they affording all of these military actions? what's to be gained in the seven-plus weeks of killing peaceful protestors? shooting children and journalists goes by unreported by us mainstream media. 

just how much skin does america have in the violence in the middle east? and why have transparency and compassion fallen to the wayside? is it easier to not let a depressed society know every little "detail" like assisting rebels and terrorists on foreign soil? like utilizing taxpayers' money by bypassing congress and spending it any which way possible?

or maybe america is wiling to do anything for allies who still worship the dollar? as some nations disregard the us dollar, the farther their distance and relationship with america appears. 

any which way one looks at it, this terrible global scene taking place, one thing is certain: another questionable action was taken by president trump and his administration; yet, he'll be expectig his nobel. 

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