Another Day Another School Shooting

pictured above is a tweet from the president. what kind of tweet is this? what kind of leader would write something so cryptic and nonsensical?

pictured above, a man holding an american flag with a gun on his hip, showed up outside the school and told reporters to "make america great again". strange. here he was, gun on hip, outside a school where 10 children were killed. 

there have, thus far, been 22 school shootings in the united states this year. the gun control marches from not long ago, proved to be more of a message to society than a demand from government to do anything. and get ahve they done? what are they doing? seeing how this keeps happening, one may assume not much at all is being done.

the shooter stole the guns from his father, went to school nd committed his evil. why weren't the guns locked away? were they and the son knew how to get them? will the father be arrested for negligence? 

as of now, fox news is suggesting video games be better regulated. as if yes, video games was reason for these heinous acts of violence in schools. 

we live in a violent world. from america to syria, israel to africa violence is the power most adored. perhaps if people had more money, and societies were better able to feed themselves and have access to funds, the violence could possibly lessen or cease. 

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