Apathy and Complacency is Destroying the United States

the complacency of society and those around this toxic administration, is slowly starting to have a profound affect on the united states' foreign policies, global image and economy. now that president trump is being pushed onto the global stage, his days on the golf course aren't as frequent. his gags and jokes are saved for rallies. for those who support him-they get the jokes. but does trump himself? has he yet to realize the window for silencing nay-sayers and those against a military/oil-based economy, is closing? 

unfortunately, despite the audits to take place with the pentagon to discover what exactly happened over time to taxpayers' $21 trillion, will soon fall to the wayside as the alleged syrian chemical attack takes centerstage.

destroying the iran nucaler deal after only three years, was a major diplomatic mistake. a mistake well-planned to coincide with the opening of the us embassy in jeruselum, on the 70th anniversary of israel being granted the land itself, and a week before ramadan--the muslim time for month-long fasting. the timing of it all is ridiculous at best. somewhere along the line, some zionist thug musta phoned a trump aide to let them know how solid the timing of it all truly was. 

nonetheless, is all of this to say an unqualified political leader, given time, can be bought and converted into the likes of every other president? is this to say gary cooper's "john doe" could have taken over the white house, and needn't have surrounded himself with those capable of steering him clear of corruption and controversy? 

ultimately, while the president did stand true to his campaign promise of bringing the embassy to jeruseulm--in terms of helping his own country, the swamp is not yet drained. at all. and if he refuses money from lobbyists, he shouldn't gloat for accepting money from other nations' leaders. 

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