It's Been a While: What Happened to the Syrian Chemical Attack?

eva bartlett, a canadian journalist who has made it her business to uncover the truth about syria, recently spoke with redacted tonight's lee camp, about her experiences and chats with syrians. she asked them about the chemical attack and discovered no one, literally no one, died as a result. she spoke as few other journalists dare to, about the event being nothing short of a false flag designed to keep the united states involved in the region.

the photos above show a bustling city in syria. women walk the streets, citizens visit cafes, children run around and it looks like any other city around the world might. so where are these chemically attacked victims? why must the united states continue to figure out how to stick their policies and military in syria? is it too discouraging for americans to leave other nations alone and allow them to handle themselves? 

is it perhaps too unbelievable a country or other nation would be able to handle itself without involvement from the us? has western media fallen silent regarding the most recent chemical attack because it truthfully never even happened? and if so, why would it matter to united states' citizens anyway? millions spent on bombs to drop in syria, is a drop in bucket. an action which holds little emotional value to the average american. they're fed news about assad, hear "chemical attack" and instantly, us citizens are on board, full steam ahead, allfor "humanitarian" reasons of course. everything has its reasons, real or fabricated. 


Kim Jong Un Can Read and He Definitely Read "The Art of the Deal"

president trump is losing his mind lately, well, continues to anyway. this time, it's not over white house aides' wrongdoings, leaks from inside or the fbi. it's because north korea consistently calls his bluffs and goes against everything he tries to convey in his book, "the art of the deal". the one-time real estate mogul, who figured he could apply whatever behaviors  went unchecked in his world prior to taking office, is learning world leaders and dictators, wanting to learn more about him, can simply read his book. 

kim jong un knows full well president trump is a master of media manipulation. he knows trump uses the press to both start wars and use as his mouthpiece. since day one in office, society quickly learned the way to speak to or reach trump, was to go on television and speak to him directly. all other leaders have seen this, and know it too. there is, as of now, nothing "secretive" about the former reality-show host. 

beating him at his own game, jong un recognized us' military forces practicing on south korean soil. he probably got word about the special june 12th summit coins made and sold by the us government. maybe he saw blind trump supporters' chanting "nobel" at his rallies. like, "i went and hugged moon for this?" the president then takes credit not ony for korea's lovemaking, but for stepping away from the june summit. in the process, announcing china and japan will gladly incur any costs for us military action if necessary. 

trump is upset because other leaders can read. but mainly he's upset because he's a player getting played and with bolton breathing down his neck for more war, despite losing bombs fast (a major reason why trump is now back in bed with china, as they help provide the us with many of its bombs' components), something must be done his way and quickly. the trump administration has dropped 80% more bombs than obama did in eight years. this administration has also the highest rate of innocent civilian deaths under its belt. 


Peer-to-Peer is the New Face-to-Face as Social Media Ranks Supreme

peer-to-peer is king, face-to-face, unless via skype or google chat hangout, is fading. rarely does a corporate board meeting go by today without a member in attendance via laptop, or surrounded by a team located in a distant location, hudled around a webcam. roughly $31 billion was reportedly spent on social media advertising. and what was gained? what was the goal achieved? massive brand awareness and users' understanding of the project, product and mainly, shares and retweets. the days of in-person events and large gatherings for launches are also fading. consumer nation lives online. society finds itself streaming news, original programming and films. 

this is the new society. this is the newfound frontier for companies and traditional media to reach their audiences. it's been coming for some time and now, as the numbers coming in reveal, it's here. pump online content, use "influencers", generate revenue to then afford the more traditional adverts during late night television or prime-time (whatever that is). because if consumers are as worthy as we all know they are, they must be catered to; even as artificial intelligence dives into the pool. robots can't buy anything. and as smart and helpful as artificial intelligence is and will become, they don't deposit checks nor have a cryptocurrency portfolio. once they find out the means to independently invest for themselves and other robots, heads will explode. but, this is virtually impossible.

humans are humans. still capable of good and bad. still doing its best to regulate most facets of society and smack a label or team sticker on citizens. the united states has grown more divided over the past decade. namely because this lack of face-to-face, discussion and debate hinders true progress. given the lethargy and compassionless era, blanketing nearly everyone the world over, it's probably easiest to stick to online conversation and argument. it's safest to argue with a twitter bot, than actually physically listen to another person convey their opinions. just as it's easier to promote products and companies on social media where e-commerce flourishes as brands basque in the sunshine. 


Israeli Jews Like Israeli Arabs But Not Enough to Live Beside Them

the above photos are taken from kfar vadim. it's an affluent, community driven part of israel and not too long ago, they put some properties up for auction--great news for the hard-working arabs whom mainly consider themselves and their families, as members of this israeli neighborhood. for far too long, may israeli Arabs have been frowned upon, not to be taken seriously due to their financial hardships and often, lack of proper eduction. 

and though over time, the arabs have been working hard to to educate themselves and provide for their families, the old stigmas have followed their progress, without reason or justification. 

back in 2012, the times of israel reported 52% of jews viewed african migrants as a "cancer". toward the end of 2017, netanyahu drove home this view by offering $5K for every african asylum seeker taken away by any other nation. "get them out of here. we don't want or need them and we'll pay any leader to take them." {I'm paraphrasing here}

this of course came from the same netanyahu who recently managed to dig up old nuclear tests, documents on cds and lab experiments from the 1990's; all in effort to prove why trump, nor the world for this matter, should ever trust iran and their "slim to none" ability to develop a uranium nuclear warhead. 

believer or not, trump of course agreed to back the israeli prime minister's decades' old information. clearly, a decision he would have wanted to arrive at despite whatever ill-informed propaganda netanyahu spat.

perhaps one would not have to hold their breathe very long before we see "trump synagogues" and "trump scheckle gambling casinos".

in march, the affluent israeli arabs, whom were accepted by those israeli jews in the kfar vadim, suddenly flipped when they discovered the same arabs sucefully put in bids for over 58 units of the 125 offered within the commounity. in fact, after much uproar and whining, the mayor of kfar vadim actually gave in, caved to the pressure, stopped the auction and reportedly stated: "i (sivan yechiel) am responsible for preserving “the secular-Jewish-Zionist” character of the town and was (am) asking the government to find a solution to ensure “demographic balances.”

wow. first off, what a shame the true colors of those "liberal and accepting" israeli jews, was seen in such a vile way. second, what kind of spineless mayor can so easily back out of giving opportunities to israeli arabs who busted their backs to, in most cases, be the first in their families to attend college/university, earn a substantial income to live in beautiful neighborhoods? 

even when those who once may have been a "have not", the bombastic task of assilimlating into different cultures harms the psyche of those who finally made it. made to it a point where all they want is a safe home and sufficient income to give back to the commohnities in question, and/or, simply provide for their family. 

mayor yechiel's attitude and behavior isn't too far off from most of America's landlords, mayors, senators and politicians in general. no one white in the United States, despite embracing black culture and arts, deep down, wants people of color moving into their community. there's no difference between the israeli two-faced friend to the arab and the white, jay-z quoting, two-faced liberal. properties can really not decrease in value based on factors such as high mortgages, depleted homes, loss of jobs and so on. not because people of color move in the town. affluence seems a more exclusive tribe than once imagined. 

open conversation and discussion, even debate, needs more encouragement. and it can't exist online. more people must meet face-to-face and listen to one another if attitudes and race relations are ever going to change. globally. locally. 


Another Day Another School Shooting

pictured above is a tweet from the president. what kind of tweet is this? what kind of leader would write something so cryptic and nonsensical?

pictured above, a man holding an american flag with a gun on his hip, showed up outside the school and told reporters to "make america great again". strange. here he was, gun on hip, outside a school where 10 children were killed. 

there have, thus far, been 22 school shootings in the united states this year. the gun control marches from not long ago, proved to be more of a message to society than a demand from government to do anything. and get ahve they done? what are they doing? seeing how this keeps happening, one may assume not much at all is being done.

the shooter stole the guns from his father, went to school nd committed his evil. why weren't the guns locked away? were they and the son knew how to get them? will the father be arrested for negligence? 

as of now, fox news is suggesting video games be better regulated. as if yes, video games was reason for these heinous acts of violence in schools. 

we live in a violent world. from america to syria, israel to africa violence is the power most adored. perhaps if people had more money, and societies were better able to feed themselves and have access to funds, the violence could possibly lessen or cease. 


Let's Get Ready to Torture

gina haspel was confirmed as the cia's new director. no surprise here as despite her inability to recognize torture from the bush administration as "immoral", many hawks around town, like her style. she does what she's told. she's never wavered from what's moral and what isn't. it's beer mattered really to haspel. when she has a job to do, she's done it. when asked to destroy hours of tapes showing torture conducted, she did it. 

when the president made it clear "torture works" and the only way to get at terrorists was to "kill their families", this wasn't just fodder for the media to twist and condemn. he was serious. during a time trump was known to make off-color remarks, and dismiss them as "gags" or "goofs"; as did his supporters--his position on the use of torture was very real.

as israel and the rest of the middle east battle, kill and die, those who threaten united states democracy and freedom, can rest assured knowing if they make it to american soil, they will most likely be tortured to death. "it works" and the new cia director won't be refuting this notion any time soon.


Apathy and Complacency is Destroying the United States

the complacency of society and those around this toxic administration, is slowly starting to have a profound affect on the united states' foreign policies, global image and economy. now that president trump is being pushed onto the global stage, his days on the golf course aren't as frequent. his gags and jokes are saved for rallies. for those who support him-they get the jokes. but does trump himself? has he yet to realize the window for silencing nay-sayers and those against a military/oil-based economy, is closing? 

unfortunately, despite the audits to take place with the pentagon to discover what exactly happened over time to taxpayers' $21 trillion, will soon fall to the wayside as the alleged syrian chemical attack takes centerstage.

destroying the iran nucaler deal after only three years, was a major diplomatic mistake. a mistake well-planned to coincide with the opening of the us embassy in jeruselum, on the 70th anniversary of israel being granted the land itself, and a week before ramadan--the muslim time for month-long fasting. the timing of it all is ridiculous at best. somewhere along the line, some zionist thug musta phoned a trump aide to let them know how solid the timing of it all truly was. 

nonetheless, is all of this to say an unqualified political leader, given time, can be bought and converted into the likes of every other president? is this to say gary cooper's "john doe" could have taken over the white house, and needn't have surrounded himself with those capable of steering him clear of corruption and controversy? 

ultimately, while the president did stand true to his campaign promise of bringing the embassy to jeruseulm--in terms of helping his own country, the swamp is not yet drained. at all. and if he refuses money from lobbyists, he shouldn't gloat for accepting money from other nations' leaders. 


Dear America, What the Hell Are You Doing?

with 52 protestors already confirmed dead and a reportedly 2,400 more injured at the gaza strip, one has to ask was israel's capital's move really necessary? rather, was america's embassy move to jerusalem necessary? israel has always considered its capital to be in jerusalem. that's nothing new. but, they never quite officially, on paper, promoted it until now. now america has sealed the deal. 

bill clinton, w bush, obama all said during their times in office, they would acknowledge jerusalem as the capital and thus, move the embassy there. none of them ever actually did it, obviously. this fact, will, no doubt, be reason why trump supporters will shout, "he's a man true to his word", as during his presidential campaign, he did state he would make the move. so while kushner silently made trips to israel, and is expected to return to the region again very soon, to discuss peace in the middle east; it's become clear his father-in-law isn't putin's puppet, but netanyahu's rag doll. 

while israeli and united states' "politicians" were inside the new american embassy, listening to one another give kudos and congratulations, the strip was literally on fire and under it. the numbers of deaths and injuries will, without question, rise by the time this piece is published. israel is bombing and killing at an alarming rate. and if the chemical attack in syria, not long ago, was worthy of attack for humanitarian issues, why isn't anything being done to stop israel? and how are they affording all of these military actions? what's to be gained in the seven-plus weeks of killing peaceful protestors? shooting children and journalists goes by unreported by us mainstream media. 

just how much skin does america have in the violence in the middle east? and why have transparency and compassion fallen to the wayside? is it easier to not let a depressed society know every little "detail" like assisting rebels and terrorists on foreign soil? like utilizing taxpayers' money by bypassing congress and spending it any which way possible?

or maybe america is wiling to do anything for allies who still worship the dollar? as some nations disregard the us dollar, the farther their distance and relationship with america appears. 

any which way one looks at it, this terrible global scene taking place, one thing is certain: another questionable action was taken by president trump and his administration; yet, he'll be expectig his nobel. 


Israel Hates Iran and Dude, Where’s our $21 Trillion

as soon as the united states, after three years, decided to get out of the most restrictive nuclear arms deal ever, with another nation, israel seized the moment to strike iran forces located in syria. the notion these iranian forces struck first is manipulative. meanwhile, other nations such as france and germany, are remaining in the deal. 

what does this mean for the united states’ image around the world? does the president even care? most likely, he does not. his heart is with israel, as the us embassy readies to relocate back to jeruseulm—the once again, capital of israel. many years ago, after looking around and seeing it was one of only a mere handful of nations to recognize jeruseulm as the capital, the united stated backed out and sided with the united nations’ assessment that it was not the capital. 

the six day war in june of 1967, made it very clear israel was the most dominate in the region. don’t mess with israel, screw texas, israel means business. in fact, during the six days, the united states’ very own naval spy ship, the uss liberty, was attacked for roughly two hours by unmarked israeli jets. though navy officers were quick to get the american flag up, to show just who they were attacking, it meant nothing as they soon bombarded the ship with napalm and jammed the ship’s communication systems. survivors were offered up to $10k a head, to keep their mouths shut. john mccain’s father was at the helm of the cover-up. years later, the truth came out by those who experienced the terror first hand.  

prime minister, netenyahu, educated in the united states, was asked to speak before congress on march 5th, 2015. his speech received more standing ovations than obama ever received (on the same congress floor) in his eight years as president. take a look at this event and one notices after about 10 minutes in, the prime minister sounds no different than any other republican neo-conservative in attendance: 

but how does ending the nuke deal with iran look to korea? to europe? to russia? should anyone care? is this just “business as usual”? contrary to the wartime rhetoric spewed by netenyahu, a mere week before trump’s announcement, iran is not working on nuclear bombs or warheads. the slideshow and props used by the prime minister are dated and essentially make no sense to the common political junkie. the only thing taken away from his presentation was netenyahu is a grand manipulator, concerned only with dominatatimg his region. 

electing this president didn’t erase trust from allies and the like. rather, the president’s actions and behavior are reason for concern. french president, macron, trump’s newfound best friend, stayed in the deal. mattis, whom trump has great respect for and frankly, would be even more lost without in his circle, was the first to suggest staying in the deal. mattis was also under the impression chemicals were not utilized in the last internal syrian attack. but again, trump didn’t listen and decided to dump $221 million into air striking them. this action only killed more innocent civilians including women and children. in fact, since getting into office, trump has successfully killed more innocent lives than obama did in his eight years. staggering really. 


Gina Haspel Will Become the Head of the CIA

gina haspel is a day away from getting to lead the cia. she shouldn't, but she will. the senate may grill her, and though she offered to withdraw her nomination, she was advised to stay the course, knowing they'll let her in because this administration promotes violence.

Why Gary Webb's Work Still Matters if Interested in Truth

gary webb was an independent journalist and uncovered one of the greatest government messes of the 20th century. he found connections with the cia, nicaraguan contra and the crack epidemic of the 1980's, which, didn't receive nearly any of the attention the opioid crisis presently receives. cocaine was transported from nicaraguan rebels in exchange for united states' arms and money. the coke was then dished out to people of color. "freeway" rick ross figured out how to turn coke into rock/crack, and sell it for less. on a good day, which was frequent enough, ross earned $1 million a day. it's been reported at the time of his sentencing, freeway rick had raked in $1 billion. but his product came from the cia. it was a great trade: keep the people of color addicted and poor, while fucking with another nation's war by providing cash and guns.
oliver north is about to become the president of the nra. the cia may possibly be lead by a woman who supports torture and carried out astonishing acts of evil. gina haspel is no different than the cia who provided guns to the contra while pumping crack into los angeles' impoverished neighborhoods. in both instances, the cia tortured a lot of people.
gary webb's series for a sacramento newspaper regarding the cia's behavior and its consequences, in 1996/1997, was akin to snowden talking to wikileaks about the nsa. this was a shocking story. his paper was quick to deflate the story and rather than defend webb for his suburb journalism, condemned and distanced themselves from him. in 2004, despite the coroner's initial report of finding a lifeless gary webb with two gunshot wounds to the head (which was later changed to one), his death was quickly ruled a "suicide", without investigation nor looking into webb's claims of odd government people scaling his house; and leaving hurriedly whenever he came home. he wrote, close to his death in an email, "if i die, it won't be from suicide", even webb knew it was bound to happen. webb knew he was going to have to be silenced. especially since he was working on a book about his work on the "dark alliance" series regarding the cia and drugs.
webb and his story still matter today, in 2018, because as all media is deemed "false" and "the enemy" by the present administration, they do in fact sway from truly telling any sort of truth. corporate mainstream media has a real issue these days: from hyping up the stories of Russia collusion, Stormy Daniels vs The Donald to Kanye West tweets and old mayors turned raging lunatic, presidential attorney. webb wanted the truth, reported it and was silenced for it. heralded a hero posthumously. these days, when a reporter tells the truth, or, reports on matters media usually won't, that reporter is deemed, "a risk taker" a "whistleblower" and "edgy". as if the notion of reporting such things is outside the norm and so foreign it confuses some people. and so society has issues accepting truth or even exploring it and having conversation. it's as though truth itself has become an esteemed and valuable commodity; or perhaps a scarlet letter to be worn by those who seek it.