Who Are The Oscar Winning White Helmets and Should We Care?

in the first photo above, a man seems to be in a lot of pain. his legs seemingly (in the video footage) crushed under a pile of rocks, cement and debris. the volunteers swoop in and help the man stand up and get out of the rubble. 

the second picture below, shows all the same men from the first photo, but now, everything is cool. even the victim, once wincing in pain, unable to move, poses for the photo. an over-the-top affirmation the operation went well. the man whose legs were crushed, stands on his own. no shoulder necessary. 

the white helmets are an organization whose main responsibility is to be the first to respond to tragic events, and help rescue and save victims. they won an oscar yet didn’t show up. none of them showed up. society both loves and detests them. simply put—no one knows truthfully, where their heart lies except they themselves. 

sure, they’ve received money and funding from various systems of government. absolutely, they can indeed be deemed shady as a lone skeleton slowly walking down a one-way street. at the same time, there are a great number of americans and otherwise, who feel empowered and proud of their “work”. 

perhaps the white helmets are a mix of the two? con rescue workers. that has an awfully sweet ring to it. a testament of our times. 

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