Israel Keeps Their Eye on the Prize With Help From the West

another day, another protest at the gaza strip. another day, more violence from israel and the west turns its head to focus on other issues like comey’s book, stormy daniels, may defending her military action in syria and so on. nothing to see here. or “there”, rather. iranian military battles with israel’s, concurrent to the killing of unarmed protestors and reporters. 

for more land? to distract from netnyahu’s own corruption? money? the reasons are most likely endless. but it’s become harder to believe us involvement in syria is over “humanitarian” issues, when israeli killings and systematic removal of its asylum seekers, goes by virtually unnoticed. 

granted, assad is evil despite the “i’m just a family guy” facade. nut so is putin, and no one has done anything but exploit his behavior and actions as thought he’s a cool robert deniro character. it’s only recently trump lashed out at russia, for being best friends with assad. it wasn’t long ago, trump, against better judgement, called putin to ingratiate him for winning the russian presidenecy...again. 

so how much power must israel have in order to go by, unchallenged, for their behavior? have any western leaders called and asked netanyahu to stop? doubtful. seemingly, killing iranians at will, is allowable. and why not? after all, one of the facilities the united states managed to destroy in syria, was a center for cancer research. 

the air strike was ordered as comey started making his rounds on television. not long after mueller raided trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen’s office. it all smells like clinton-sudan, bush-iraq, obama-afghanistan. apparently, trump did study up on his history a bit. 

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