Everything At Once Theory Explained

societal issues are usually, normally, presented a few at a time. sometimes, and rarely, will societies find themselves emersed with everything at once. but perhaps since around a decade ago, issues and events have indeed, presented themselves all at once. as is the case with the united states, the moral fabrics which bind all together, seem to be busting quite a bit and no one seems the wiser. apathy mixed with the stinging effects of exhaustion, depression and skepticism have battered society’s will and spirit. the fat continue to get fatter and the thin just watch, idly. there's no common ground, no empathy. it's "my way or the highway" and good luck being heard.

prior to the election of trump, things were bubbling. his becoming president, somehow, allowed for guards to come down. for bigot flags to fly. for pc culture to clash with those politically incorrect. for as many people who loved obama, there were many who didn't. with his leaving the white house, an extreme right population, louder than the tea party, made it clear they weren't happy for the past eight years. wanting to implode the government, voting for trump seemed the appropriate thing to do for many.

with students, victims of a school shooting, organizing marches to better gun control, young people in chicago ask, "what about us?". losing 17 people to gun violence is an everyday event in parts of chicago. the gun violence is out of control there. more people have died in chicago from gun violence than the number of fallen united states' troops in both iraq and afghanistan. 

opioid addiction is also taking many lives throughout the country. but so did crack and as pbs brilliantly and recently pointed out, no one did much about that epidemic at the time. but with salaries low, and taxes high, since the economy is tanking and no one cares, why not sell or consume opioids? why not smoke or sell crack? one generally earns a higher income this way anyway, than your typical 9-5 position. in other words, with poverty throughout so much of the united states, what choice do citizens have other than to feed their depression or earn income illegally. online scams. identity theft. data theft. like facebook did. there's money in that.

the problem is these issues have only been building up and getting increasingly larger over time. and now when it's apparent the country is truly at the mercy of an administration of shady kings and queens who care not about the people, everything at once, is being tossed into the fire. every issue, begging for and worthy of any attention, support and help. these are the same issues as before (chicago had its violence while obama and others were in office), but are only now more intense because no one at the top has, nor will, help.  

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