Capitalism Isn't Working But Don't Tell the 1%-10%

living with a corrupt government isn't easy. today. it seems corruption is the only way to get things done. that without being corrupt, the wheel stops. it's the overriding system and the go-to during times of global unrest and violence. countries' citizens are rarely heard, or at least, seldom receive the promises nations' leaders make. poverty is still a growing issue, globally, and as the chasm widens between the haves and have-nots, compassion, care and even a simple acknowledgement of those left behind in the new economy are nowhere to be found.

it appears it's easiest and most financially rewarding, to let the poor kill and eat itself. the more society pushes back and wants answers, the less powerful political crooks and cronies become. but instances of resistance are far and between. marches and protests occur. but nothing changes. certainly not overnight. but for now, certainly not in a year.

society's financial gap is widening like the cracked ice in the arctic. sea levels are rising and no one cares. they have their own things to worry about. like, how to pay for the family's health insurance, bills, rent, debt and more with only a $30k yearly salary. it's nearly impossible and as time goes on, it's getting harder as the salaries drop. companies aren't offering the incentives they used to. these days, the sentiment is, "be happy you're working" and in a way, this sentiment is right. it's what keeps the population stuck at 40+ hours a week for paychecks which in no way reflect the hard work done.

can anyone remember the last time a president focused on ending poverty? jeff bazos is worth a few billion and can feed, clothe and house every homeless family in the united states. but he hasn't and he won't. why should he? the laws of capitalism do not require anyone to have to "give back". and at the end of the day, that expression is missed by most with substantial wealth.

the occupy wall street movement called necessary attention to the great divide, yet, it was squashed after x-amount of days and the rich went right back to getting rich; the poor, poorer. the middle class floor is shrinking and again, the long-game plan is nil. with so few able to fund a $1k emergency, and credit card debts, sinking people into homelessness, for many at the top, preying upon the working class is a game passed on from generation to generation. the problem is, for the beautiful 1%-10%, they no longer have compassion. they rarely fund art programs. forget the numerous, female-focused social networks and organizations.

capitalism is working for a select group. only a few from millions of americans. so, they'd most likely be the first to say capitalism is fine and dandy. worth the heartache, well worth the solitude. the obvious problem here of course is those who don't have, have not anywhere else to turn. unless they turn towards crime, military, drug abuse, physical abuse towards self and/or others and so on. without the same opportunities those who have, have had, one starts life on the wrong side of the bed.

if large companies such as amazon and banks like bank of america, retired the notion of paying top-level executives bonuses over $100k, actually paid taxes and cut back hours, the mythical, "trickle down" could actually appear. society has the means to get families and individuals off the streets. unfortunately, capitalism has killed the notion of helping anyone. remember, the opening to the president's reality show, features an opening shot of a homeless man on the street, then trump, stepping out of a limo. who would you want to be?   

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