Who Are The Oscar Winning White Helmets and Should We Care?

in the first photo above, a man seems to be in a lot of pain. his legs seemingly (in the video footage) crushed under a pile of rocks, cement and debris. the volunteers swoop in and help the man stand up and get out of the rubble. 

the second picture below, shows all the same men from the first photo, but now, everything is cool. even the victim, once wincing in pain, unable to move, poses for the photo. an over-the-top affirmation the operation went well. the man whose legs were crushed, stands on his own. no shoulder necessary. 

the white helmets are an organization whose main responsibility is to be the first to respond to tragic events, and help rescue and save victims. they won an oscar yet didn’t show up. none of them showed up. society both loves and detests them. simply put—no one knows truthfully, where their heart lies except they themselves. 

sure, they’ve received money and funding from various systems of government. absolutely, they can indeed be deemed shady as a lone skeleton slowly walking down a one-way street. at the same time, there are a great number of americans and otherwise, who feel empowered and proud of their “work”. 

perhaps the white helmets are a mix of the two? con rescue workers. that has an awfully sweet ring to it. a testament of our times. 


Israel Keeps Their Eye on the Prize With Help From the West

another day, another protest at the gaza strip. another day, more violence from israel and the west turns its head to focus on other issues like comey’s book, stormy daniels, may defending her military action in syria and so on. nothing to see here. or “there”, rather. iranian military battles with israel’s, concurrent to the killing of unarmed protestors and reporters. 

for more land? to distract from netnyahu’s own corruption? money? the reasons are most likely endless. but it’s become harder to believe us involvement in syria is over “humanitarian” issues, when israeli killings and systematic removal of its asylum seekers, goes by virtually unnoticed. 

granted, assad is evil despite the “i’m just a family guy” facade. nut so is putin, and no one has done anything but exploit his behavior and actions as thought he’s a cool robert deniro character. it’s only recently trump lashed out at russia, for being best friends with assad. it wasn’t long ago, trump, against better judgement, called putin to ingratiate him for winning the russian presidenecy...again. 

so how much power must israel have in order to go by, unchallenged, for their behavior? have any western leaders called and asked netanyahu to stop? doubtful. seemingly, killing iranians at will, is allowable. and why not? after all, one of the facilities the united states managed to destroy in syria, was a center for cancer research. 

the air strike was ordered as comey started making his rounds on television. not long after mueller raided trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen’s office. it all smells like clinton-sudan, bush-iraq, obama-afghanistan. apparently, trump did study up on his history a bit. 


Capitalism Isn't Working But Don't Tell the 1%-10%

living with a corrupt government isn't easy. today. it seems corruption is the only way to get things done. that without being corrupt, the wheel stops. it's the overriding system and the go-to during times of global unrest and violence. countries' citizens are rarely heard, or at least, seldom receive the promises nations' leaders make. poverty is still a growing issue, globally, and as the chasm widens between the haves and have-nots, compassion, care and even a simple acknowledgement of those left behind in the new economy are nowhere to be found.

it appears it's easiest and most financially rewarding, to let the poor kill and eat itself. the more society pushes back and wants answers, the less powerful political crooks and cronies become. but instances of resistance are far and between. marches and protests occur. but nothing changes. certainly not overnight. but for now, certainly not in a year.

society's financial gap is widening like the cracked ice in the arctic. sea levels are rising and no one cares. they have their own things to worry about. like, how to pay for the family's health insurance, bills, rent, debt and more with only a $30k yearly salary. it's nearly impossible and as time goes on, it's getting harder as the salaries drop. companies aren't offering the incentives they used to. these days, the sentiment is, "be happy you're working" and in a way, this sentiment is right. it's what keeps the population stuck at 40+ hours a week for paychecks which in no way reflect the hard work done.

can anyone remember the last time a president focused on ending poverty? jeff bazos is worth a few billion and can feed, clothe and house every homeless family in the united states. but he hasn't and he won't. why should he? the laws of capitalism do not require anyone to have to "give back". and at the end of the day, that expression is missed by most with substantial wealth.

the occupy wall street movement called necessary attention to the great divide, yet, it was squashed after x-amount of days and the rich went right back to getting rich; the poor, poorer. the middle class floor is shrinking and again, the long-game plan is nil. with so few able to fund a $1k emergency, and credit card debts, sinking people into homelessness, for many at the top, preying upon the working class is a game passed on from generation to generation. the problem is, for the beautiful 1%-10%, they no longer have compassion. they rarely fund art programs. forget the numerous, female-focused social networks and organizations.

capitalism is working for a select group. only a few from millions of americans. so, they'd most likely be the first to say capitalism is fine and dandy. worth the heartache, well worth the solitude. the obvious problem here of course is those who don't have, have not anywhere else to turn. unless they turn towards crime, military, drug abuse, physical abuse towards self and/or others and so on. without the same opportunities those who have, have had, one starts life on the wrong side of the bed.

if large companies such as amazon and banks like bank of america, retired the notion of paying top-level executives bonuses over $100k, actually paid taxes and cut back hours, the mythical, "trickle down" could actually appear. society has the means to get families and individuals off the streets. unfortunately, capitalism has killed the notion of helping anyone. remember, the opening to the president's reality show, features an opening shot of a homeless man on the street, then trump, stepping out of a limo. who would you want to be?   


Everything At Once Theory Explained

societal issues are usually, normally, presented a few at a time. sometimes, and rarely, will societies find themselves emersed with everything at once. but perhaps since around a decade ago, issues and events have indeed, presented themselves all at once. as is the case with the united states, the moral fabrics which bind all together, seem to be busting quite a bit and no one seems the wiser. apathy mixed with the stinging effects of exhaustion, depression and skepticism have battered society’s will and spirit. the fat continue to get fatter and the thin just watch, idly. there's no common ground, no empathy. it's "my way or the highway" and good luck being heard.

prior to the election of trump, things were bubbling. his becoming president, somehow, allowed for guards to come down. for bigot flags to fly. for pc culture to clash with those politically incorrect. for as many people who loved obama, there were many who didn't. with his leaving the white house, an extreme right population, louder than the tea party, made it clear they weren't happy for the past eight years. wanting to implode the government, voting for trump seemed the appropriate thing to do for many.

with students, victims of a school shooting, organizing marches to better gun control, young people in chicago ask, "what about us?". losing 17 people to gun violence is an everyday event in parts of chicago. the gun violence is out of control there. more people have died in chicago from gun violence than the number of fallen united states' troops in both iraq and afghanistan. 

opioid addiction is also taking many lives throughout the country. but so did crack and as pbs brilliantly and recently pointed out, no one did much about that epidemic at the time. but with salaries low, and taxes high, since the economy is tanking and no one cares, why not sell or consume opioids? why not smoke or sell crack? one generally earns a higher income this way anyway, than your typical 9-5 position. in other words, with poverty throughout so much of the united states, what choice do citizens have other than to feed their depression or earn income illegally. online scams. identity theft. data theft. like facebook did. there's money in that.

the problem is these issues have only been building up and getting increasingly larger over time. and now when it's apparent the country is truly at the mercy of an administration of shady kings and queens who care not about the people, everything at once, is being tossed into the fire. every issue, begging for and worthy of any attention, support and help. these are the same issues as before (chicago had its violence while obama and others were in office), but are only now more intense because no one at the top has, nor will, help.