So Long, Dodd Frank and Thanks For Nothing

with 16 (or is it 17?) democrats helping to push through the destruction of dodd frank, reform and regulation of wall street and big banks, all flies out the window. as if 2008 never happened and taxpayers across the united stated never bailed out lehman brothers, auto makers and others. as if there never was a recession merely eight years ago. 

major commercial banks who fail to claim $250 billion in assets, will soon be deemed, “local” and “small” banks. free of any stress tests from the federal reserve. and why not? after all, amazon doesn’t have to pay their federal taxes, right? neither does verizon and boeing. because corporations are like people: they have a face and like us; and work hard to provide a service to others. sure. 

in other words, when this upcoming crash, crashes, taxpayers may expect to bail out major banks, wall street firms and more. certainly more than ‘08. and if anyone recalls, back then, people of color and women had to pay higher interest rates than white men. no question, with this present administration being what it is, and society in general seemingly losing grip of its moral fabric, we will see a return of these groups being hit the hardest during the eventual collapse. 

ever since the #MeToo backlash from “powerful” boys clubs and french actresses everywhere, there’s a silent movement happening which will only stand to gain from the crash. that’s when they can fire staff, keep and harass some, embarrass and scorn the others. “want your job? watch me shower.” during times of distress the demons come out to roost. beware the wrath of kevin spacey. 

a trump administration facing and dealing with an economic crash will be entertaining. it’ll be watched with hungry, unemployed eyes, waiting still for opportunity to knock as it did for the donald. and since the democratic party will offer little to no solutions, where will society turn? since the democrats seem to reject progression, where will this leave the people? with 2018 being an election year for other members of the government, and dems needing 24 seats to gain control of the house, of the approximately 115+ elections, 44 feature a democratic candidate with eityer a background in the cia or military. will the democratic party fill those seats with the butts of former intelligence agents and veterans? 

there are presently parts of africa where they’d rather utilize cryptocurrency than their surplus of USD. good is dropping and thanks to trump’s tariffs, so are steel and most metals. as the united states scrambles to find other sources for oil, it finds itself wanting to distance itself from allies, yet somehow, needs to end up alongside them. it’s akin to a really bad road trip movie. we’re talking adam sandler and colin powell bad. so bad it becomes an underground cult hit and years later, taken seriously and rebooted with kevin james and oliver north. 

there are also parts of africa where rounding up white farmers and their families, killing and raping them, is the norm. but instead, the united states chooses to drop bombs over syria because, “humanitarian efforts”. oh, and trump is a bigly shareholder of exxonmobil. which is why rex doesn’t really mind getting fired. it gives him chance to finish deals with russia—a place which donned tillerson with a medal for his major dealings with them. ah, oil. 

crash. right. it’ll happen. and when it does it’ll be bad for a while but then be okay again when the banks print more money and reimburse us via instagram with qr codes we can scan. but users will feel used when the process of printing the code then using their phone to scan the print, takes way longer than expected. so long that it’s probably easier to just forgo the funds and just take the loss. cryptocurrency will save the world after bitcoin surpasses $14k, during the summer. it’ll be a digital revolution with bots, banks and old dinosaurs, laughing their way to the big banks. 

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