Mass Shootings Are the New American Pastime

"well, jim, today's shooting killed only 26 and injured a measly 16." it's been stated, most every shooter, killer, keeps past numbers in mind. as though every mass shooter inspires the one who comes after them. a sick cycle which will seemingly continue to spin. the nra pulls the strings of many politicians and those who feel they were born with the right to own an assault rifle, will never bend. no matter who is killed. no matter the ages of the victims. therefore, it makes sense mass killings become the united states' new pastime.

when a mass killing event happens, everyone loves to get involved somehow. some way. people go online. investigate what they know about the event. research names. scour the internet for as much information or red flags as possible. the need for society to play detective kicks in quickly. before the dead are buried, we've already been exposed to as much information as possible. then, usually after a week and a few days, the event is forgotten about. what makes the parkland, florida event unique is the story hasn't gone away. something which hasn't happened since newtown and columbine before it.

in the wild, there exists what's known as, "mass mortality events" or mme. in january, 2018, 20,000 saiga antelope died within a week in kazakhstan. in 2015, roughly 45,000 flying foxes died in a day. sometimes this happens due to disease or these days, because of rising temperatures. are mass shootings humans' mme? is it easier to let humans kill one another off than to protect humans from killing one another off?

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