But What About Modern Day Slaves?

as the united states deals with a ton of issues, every nation essentially deals with its issues, there remains an elephant in the room which continues to grow larger every day: slavery. we may not see it or know anyone who has, yet, it exists. and despite all major issues facing societies today, this issue is rarely discussed or examined. 

it is completely possible for nations to address multiple issues at once. it happens all the time. we can examine high unemployment, sexual assault, race relations, gender pay equality in the workplace and more all at once. they’re all important. but while modern day slavery is perhaps as well-known as say, the opioid epidemic, there is seemingly nothing being done about it. a celebrity appears on a talk show and talks about it, but aside from awareness, what else is being done?

“time’s up” pins are donned during awards shows, yet, where are the “end slavery” pins or hashtags? where are the lectures and webinars regarding modern slavery and how to combat it? where are the protests demanding the release of kidnapped children? kidnapped women and men? the time’s up and metoo movements are important. so is black lives matter. this doesn’t mean slavery is more important, it just means it needs to receive as much attention as kelly ann conway does. more than she does. it also means society doesn’t have to focus on one thing or none at all. 

but why doesn’t modern slavery receive as much attention as other issues today? is it because it’s such a helpless issue? is it because we’re simply not supposed to discuss it or acknowledge it? as the united states’ administration strives to focus only on itself and distance itself from old allies, perhaps it’s a combination of helplessness and a dash of “who cares” mentality. unfortunately for president trump, approximately 55,000 slaves live in the united states, so where’s the room to not care? he can’t even dismiss the problem as one belonging only to “shithole” countries. it’s our problem too. 

mainly, companies and entities willing to destroy our planet (chemicals, pesticides, &c...) use slaves to perform grunt work. children, men. brothals, online sex shows and others use slaves to unwillingly have sex or perform sex acts on camera. children, women. sex parties, featuring underage sex slaves to pass around and rape, exist and like all other slave-holders, bring in lots of money. because when one is an important powerful man, one can write a check to pay for any acts of depreivity and evil. 

but as was the case with corey feldman and others who tried to out pedophiles, society cares for a minute then moves on. pedophilia seems an issue still so taboo in society, when it’s mentioned, it floats for a while then falls because it’s simply too dark for discussion. the problem obviously, in letting dark subjects like modern day slavery and pedophilia fall to the wayside, is these horrible atrocities will continue. and ultimately, when society picks and chooses its battles, the selfishness in this prevents true change and justice from being served.