Moving Forward, Let's Not Forget What Just Happened

despite his blind supporters willing to dismiss any charges of pedophilia or teenage attempted rape,  despite the nastyass, darth vader style of steve bannon's speeches, despite riding to the voting booth on a horse named, "Sassy", roy moore lost the alabama senate election. towards the end of the run, moore was pretty much MIA or AWOL ,rather. he asked the citizens to vote for his character. a tall order, simply given the number of terrible actions and frequency of his bigoted rhetoric. and so now there it is, doug jones won thanks in large part to the african-american vote. jones received 96% of the black vote, and within that stat, one finds the black female vote pushed jones over the finish line, and into the senate. 

in 1963, four little girlsAddie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Carol Denise McNair were killed, roughly 20 injured, when the kkk firebombed a baptist church in birmingham, alabama. 39 years later, in 2002, doug jones (now, alabama senate winner) was responsible for the prosecution of two members of the kkk, for their involvement in the church bombing. both monsters received life in prison. that tragic september day, 1963, those four girls were everyone's daughters. 

no need to summarize the lousy bigoted things moore said during his campaign. for the most part, he managed to single out different races and faiths. he and bannon fought a dirty fight, and why not? in order to pull attention away from the underage sexual abuse claims, roy moore and his posse, needed to avoid the issue all-together. 

but people couldn't forget. it was a lot to shake off at once and it seemed alabama is left with their own individual opinions and thoughts on the cases. they believe and stand by moore.  mainly, white female voters. perhaps the same ones who were part of the 51% of white, female trump voters?     

these are some of the teenagers, who grew up to accuse roy moore of underage sexual abuse and at least one account of rape.

so what happens now that doug jones is in and roy moore is out? moore refuses to concede. jones is getting ready.will moore take the back door and get away with whatever sick behavior he had as a 30-year old attorney?

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