Kicking More Nests is the Best Spin

today, trump went ahead and agreed with israel in recognizing jerusalem as its capital. the city itself is occupied by roughly 60% jews and 39% arab. of those 39% arab, roughly 92% are muslim. back in the late 40's, the united nations made a plan to let jerusalem stand as an international city. in other words: here y'all, enjoy the battles over territory and the holy city. and wars and battles indeed took place. by the late 1960's israel claimed the western portion of jerusalem while jordan, the eastern part as well as the old city. then the war in 1967 saw israel claim both eastern and western parts of jerusalem and in 1980, israel put into law their capital was jerusalem. the united nations security council didn't like this at all and found it to be a violation of international law. flash forward to the end of 2017 and one finds no country has their embassy in jerusalem, nor does anyone acknowledge the city as israel's capital except israel itself. meanwhile, many palestinians are convinced their capital will soon be jerusalem, as if to say, “what is israel even talking about?”

kicking hornet nests is something the united states president tends to do during times of distress, which is often. mention mueller to trump and he's tweeting support of roy moore or mocking north korea. mention flynn singing and trump is bound to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. a move incidentally, which is already being considered a national security threat. when this administration does badly, the nests get kicked. picked up and thrown against the wall. because if the american president is miserable, so should we the people be. kushner not forthcoming with information? simply make the "ball shoplifting" incident bigger than it is.

and of course america's finest god-fearing preachers are thrilled for jerusalem's capital status: isn't this the prophecy coming to life? every orthodox, christian and extreme faith follower supports trump's move today. most every faith except of course muslims. and why would they be thrilled? those who oppose are quick to say this means the end of any peace efforts. like, forget trying to play nice. in fact, this really isn't the first time he's kicked this nest. on the heels of the muslim ban's taking effect, thanks to the supreme court, trump is now upper cutting the muslim faith by declaring jerusalem the capital. is the koran violent? yes. is the bible? yes. however, the bible doesn't necessary lay out rules of death to those non-believers as the koran does. and while the old text is going through the sensitive process of being progressively updated (good luck), the koran itself is still followed as was intended. certainly by extreme groups like isis/isil.

the size of the nests are fairly big and they started small. they started in america with females. then blacks, mexicans and latinos. transgenders and homosexuals. and continues with support for roy moore despite the teenage rape allegations. despite the admission from moore himself he dated underage girls with permission from their mothers. then it branched out quickly with other nations. our country quickly distanced itself from all others. "time to focus on us" mentality which hasn't necessarily helped any citizens unless wealthy. the tax plan which will crush all classes save the upper, was the cherry on top. the neon lighting is on the wall.

the "president" signed a waiver today which will keep the u.s. embassy in tel aviv for six months. not long ago, the united states was offered land in jerusalem and we've paid a $1 a year since for what is still a large plot of land. perhaps in six months, we'll start to build an embassy. the only one of its kind since 1980 (when netherlands and costa rica removed their embassies from jerusalem). this move was the best way for a freaked out trump to take the pressure off his campaign's collusion with russia. spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on facebook ads was perhaps the best thing russia did for the cause. they know it. we don't. naming jerusalem the capital of israel affects a ton of people. it puts everyone on edge. because he is. and why shouldn't we be too?

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