How Trump Bullied the Tax Bill to Life

how did it happen? how did it happen so fast? easy. he’s now kicking his own nest. the one where the people of his own country get fucked with, simply because he can. because he needs to accomplish getting some sort of legislature put forth and instituted, before the year is finished. and he did it—at the expense of everyone who is not wealthy and not a major corporation. 

everyone knows major corporations, the major ones like boeing, verizon, goldman sachs, &c... seldom, if ever, come through in paying their share of corporate taxes. somehow, for some mysterious reason(s), they’re exempt from having to pay corporate tax? 

on the heels of this tax bill going forward (should be put into effect for real in february, 2018, and affect everyone in 2019) big corporations had major holiday parties and gave out a bunch of bonuses. did anyone you know, personally, receive a six-figure holiday bonus in 2017? 

healthcare programs are doomed. cutbacks will greatly affect such programs and soon, states may lose insurance for their children. is this what trump voters wanted? not only for others but for themselves? they were fine with losing medicare and medicaid? social security out the window? what about future generations and the elderly now? why separate ourselves from the rest of the world only to treat one another horribly and with a brute bully tribal mentality? 

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