Fuk the FCC

^ the number to call to harass the greedy schmucks, wanting to take away our rights to level playing field internet. 

^ WORST of them all is new head, ajit pai. once in bed with verizon, now this guy is riding the “fuck people and fuck net neutrality” mentality all the way to their 12.14 vote. 

^ wanna send some physical mail? perhaps a book on the subject of today’s internet vs 1990’s net? pai wants to bring back “90s internet”. what? you mean when we used aol disks and rocked X amount of free hours on the net? the screeching? the slowass loadtime. the fat get fatter. it’s just about the one area/industry they (feds) haven’t quite figured out how to crack. but they’re onto it. they wanna sell it out and help big companies like verizon, get fast sites. fast-lane sites. pay to play. 

will nothing be organic? why is society so quick to assisinate all things organic. dismiss it, find and utilize better ways to generate content, viewership, followers, growth and more. everything is “hacked”. you think you can go “word-of-mouth” and organically, yet there’s an outfit willing to fork over big bucks for all those things, and receive them in 24 hours. 

will this blog sell-out and become a product of at&t’s? is that the only way to survive these days? is this what kills this space or does it all remain, we simply sell-out and pay money or else the upload time stinks? 

it’s imperative if you’re reading this, to please reach out to pai and the fcc! let them know how you feel and your thoughts on the 12.14 vote. 

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