200,000 Black Friday Background Checks

some people in the united states chose to shop for guns and various firearms this 2017’s black friday. it lead to the fbi’s having to conduct over 200K background checks. the most ever in a single day.

now of course there are a flurry of reasons why so many guns would be bought on black friday other than hot sales and deals. and a lot of it has to do with fighting terror and standing up to “the bad guy”. but are guns the answer? 

while firearms can make their owners feel safer and ready given any sudden event, they can also cause fatal accidents in the home and while at work. but everyone knows this right? every gun owner knows what they’re getting into when they’re getting a new gun, right? 

in texas, the shooter was hit a few times to the body by bullets, before fleeing by car and being chased by another vehicle. recently a man defected to south korea and was shot five times and survived. 

are we to start hailing vigilantes as heroes? we already do, so there’s no issue there. are we to commend the large sale of guns this black friday? are we excited to arm over 200,000 potential heroes? will these new gun owners make it safer for their families and communities? 

will these new gun owners be able to avoid falling into the “zimmerman” trap of racially profiling those in their communities; and/or will they too be forgiven and handed passes for causing whatever mortal wounds necessary in the name of good being a good community watchdog?

we shall see what happens. hopefully nothing happens. hopefully everyone stays safe and shooting events cease. 

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