200,000 Black Friday Background Checks

some people in the united states chose to shop for guns and various firearms this 2017’s black friday. it lead to the fbi’s having to conduct over 200K background checks. the most ever in a single day.

now of course there are a flurry of reasons why so many guns would be bought on black friday other than hot sales and deals. and a lot of it has to do with fighting terror and standing up to “the bad guy”. but are guns the answer? 

while firearms can make their owners feel safer and ready given any sudden event, they can also cause fatal accidents in the home and while at work. but everyone knows this right? every gun owner knows what they’re getting into when they’re getting a new gun, right? 

in texas, the shooter was hit a few times to the body by bullets, before fleeing by car and being chased by another vehicle. recently a man defected to south korea and was shot five times and survived. 

are we to start hailing vigilantes as heroes? we already do, so there’s no issue there. are we to commend the large sale of guns this black friday? are we excited to arm over 200,000 potential heroes? will these new gun owners make it safer for their families and communities? 

will these new gun owners be able to avoid falling into the “zimmerman” trap of racially profiling those in their communities; and/or will they too be forgiven and handed passes for causing whatever mortal wounds necessary in the name of good being a good community watchdog?

we shall see what happens. hopefully nothing happens. hopefully everyone stays safe and shooting events cease. 


Fuk the FCC

^ the number to call to harass the greedy schmucks, wanting to take away our rights to level playing field internet. 

^ WORST of them all is new head, ajit pai. once in bed with verizon, now this guy is riding the “fuck people and fuck net neutrality” mentality all the way to their 12.14 vote. 

^ wanna send some physical mail? perhaps a book on the subject of today’s internet vs 1990’s net? pai wants to bring back “90s internet”. what? you mean when we used aol disks and rocked X amount of free hours on the net? the screeching? the slowass loadtime. the fat get fatter. it’s just about the one area/industry they (feds) haven’t quite figured out how to crack. but they’re onto it. they wanna sell it out and help big companies like verizon, get fast sites. fast-lane sites. pay to play. 

will nothing be organic? why is society so quick to assisinate all things organic. dismiss it, find and utilize better ways to generate content, viewership, followers, growth and more. everything is “hacked”. you think you can go “word-of-mouth” and organically, yet there’s an outfit willing to fork over big bucks for all those things, and receive them in 24 hours. 

will this blog sell-out and become a product of at&t’s? is that the only way to survive these days? is this what kills this space or does it all remain, we simply sell-out and pay money or else the upload time stinks? 

it’s imperative if you’re reading this, to please reach out to pai and the fcc! let them know how you feel and your thoughts on the 12.14 vote. 


It'll Get Better...After it Keeps Getting Worse

very recently: roy moore, louis c.k., sexual assault and abuse has become mainstream. it's no longer the "open secret" it once was. or isn't it? as the list of offenders masked as powerful men lengthens, as it did a while back with men of the faith--in the church to spread the word of god and molest some boys, the question really becomes, "then what?" are we looking at trials? just more out of court settlements and trips to recovery spas? obviously, men in these positions of fame and power are suddenly and quietly trying to figure out how to let everyone know they're one of the "good guys". but, we can be certain events and behaviors like these exposed, are still happening. it's hard to put a brake on the evil train. this is also why we can expect a lot more to come out. this is liberating. it validates victim's suffering and years of silence. it sends a message to men, "no one is safe." or aren't they? see, while as many of these cases are now coming to light, there are many more out there that still have a tight lid on top.

and what will make the lid popping harder is when some members of society feel the need to defend these men. for example, roy moore. the offender honestly believes as long as he sought permission for the victims' mothers, it'd make everything okay. forgivable at best. and some politicians support him. which is rotten since these people in government forget the influence their actions and behavior has on their citizens. like when the reality real estate star became president, there were numerous events of groping and hate crimes. were some falsified? sure, as is the case with anything these days. look at the military academy where a black student admitted to spraypainting racial slurs on the school; but once blamed others and brought the school together to combat such racism. it happens, however, these rare acts of bullshit hardly outweigh the number of actual, fucked up events. and that's when society plays judge and jury-we so quickly decide who's worse, which act of depravity was most evil? as seen across social media platforms, everyone is weighing in on everything from north korea to harvey weinstein. and rarely does anyone agree. even when they do, they don't. what harvey did was terrible yet louis somehow gets a pass in some cliques. the las vegas shooter lost his marbles yet the church shooter was worse because his killings were execution style and the military failed to notify the feds of his mental instability.

shootings are happening so frequently, they've become normalized. all society wants to know at this point is: how many killed? injured? children? race of the shooter? it's now akin to checking the sports pages for yesterday's boxscore. attention is fleeting these days because as soon as say a natural disaster strikes somewhere, there's a mass killing or exposed sex offender happening. it's also giving reason for many to reinforce their bubbles. stay put. nowhere is safe. stay in, watch the news, read the feed and form an opinion to share with others as a means of trying to connect and relate with other humans.

back in 2001, not many people liked w bush. but that seemed to be a time when tragedy brought people together. today's political climate has affected society to a point where even during times of despair and terror, we seem incapable of getting together. as if the notion is some sorta pre-historic hippie stuff. eventually, as more heads roll and the evil continues to be brought to the forefront, society will either implode on itself from its inabilities to come together or succeed in thriving on an individualistic, me-first basis blueprint for survival. 


The Power of Storytelling

many species communicate. they growl. tweet. click. squeak. squak. we’re the only ones to speak. verbally communicate. humans. humans need to share their stories. it’s not being able to share your day with someone that makes you feel lonely. or sometimes, families pass down stories, just as various cultures around the world, have their oral traditions. 

people still tell their stories, but mainly online, where they’re shared with populations of folks who know you super well and others who are six degrees-related. someone "likes" your comment, they then befriended and perhaps followed you. 

whether it’s the “oh my god” pal, or the TMI aunt, everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes we pick and choose who we report to based on our comfort levels. motivational speakers often rely on personal stories when they speak before large audiences; and platforms like LinkedIn, encourage recommendations from peers where those who know you and your work are asked to tell their stories about working alongside you.

telling stories is powerful. more and more, marketing is calling upon honest, real stories. society as whole begs for it. we want to learn more about others’ struggles. others’ views, no matter how closed minded and bubbled everyone may seem on the surface, they still want to listen to others. the desire to connect and relate to others is palpable. 

this is why when someone is victim of sexual assault, everything goes out the window. the course for storytelling becomes extremely limited. the power in the abuser, is the ability to strip the storytelling away from the innocent victim. who can they tell? who would do anything? who would believe them? would their career be ruined for something that happened to them? if the victim isn't silenced by someone else, they're certainly silencing themselves from fear on many levels. 

alabama’s roy moore has recently been accused of sexually assaulting a teenager(s) when he was a thirty year old accountant. those who defend the judge are saying either “this was so long ago” or “it’s just a left wing smear campaign”. when accusations of sexual assault came to light about louis c.k., some made excuses similar to moore's supporters. depending on the abuser, society is quick to make its decision. its judgments. the same person who may defend moore, may not support louis. louis c.k. quickly wrote a statement on the heels of a ny times article showcasing his masturbatory offenses, whereby he admitted his guilt and said all stories were true. he validated the victims' stories. he returned their naturally given power. 

because more victims are coming forward, the powerful, and often rich, american influencers of society are falling, as victims’ stories are finally being told. and as we’re also seeing, accused abusers’ nearingly deafening silence, speaks volumes. essentially, silencing someone through sexual assault is worthy of an additional charge akin to kidnapping.