Best Memory of All-Time Ever

how do you take down an old bigoted, sexist unpatriotic president? question his loyalty to the country. take him to task. if one day he proclaims transgender soldiers and military personnel are “too costly”, then surely he’d remember the name of a fallen soldier when calling their family. 

if one day he exclaims, “i’ve always wanted a purple heart! this was much easier!” then certainly he’d recall the name of a fallen soldier when calling their family. if one day he declares he “likes his soldiers not captured” when Senator John McCain’s name is mentioned, then i’m almost positive he’d remember the name of a fallen soldier when calling their family. 

and if one day the same president, jokingly or not, announces he wished he had more nukes, and continuously taunts north korea while sending troops in harm’s way—then positively, he’d recall the name of a fallen soldier when calling their family. 

but he didn’t. he flubbed the call and he sent kelly and sanders to clean up his blocks and apple sauce off the walls. and every day since, he’s been defending himself and doing his best to prove how much he loves his military, “his” troops and Sgt. La David Johnson. but hey, La David “knew what he was getting into,” right? whether or not he could remember Sgt. Johnson’s name, that phrase alone should earn every citizen’s disrespect. the sentiment is one thing, how one says it is quite another and let’s face it, the president saying anything is akin to throwing a revved up chainsaw down a flight of stairs. 

a four star general sold out, as did anyone else who stepped to plate in defense of the lousy condolence call. a call while small to most, under the surface is actually very significant. quickly, the short list looks like: 
- he has to call a black female. period. 
- he can’t recall a black sargent’s name. 
- he in no way, makes the widow feel any comfort. 
- when called out by Wilson, he attacks her. 
- within the amount of time he’s feuded with Johnson and Wilson, he could have visited them to bury the hatchet or invite them to an event. but he won’t. 

we all know Sgt. Johnson’s widow deserves better. No matter how one examines the event. plus, the fact it took them an extra 48 hours to find and transport his body home is definitely salt to the wound, considering. therefore, it is imperituve media continue to challenge the president’s loyalty to his country. may the questioning of his patriotism drive him insane to the point of having a tattooed portrait of Barak Obama on his back! 


Why Tough Love Doesn't Work Anymore

the true deep fabric of our society is a horrendously grim and torturous one. the "tough loving" our society continues to give itself over and over again, is not only beginning to backfire, it serves no purpose in an environment struggling to defend and protect rights. the "suck-it-up, honey" mentality, expressed over the past few hundreds over the past few hundreds of years, is no longer being adopted nor listened to. silencing victims is tired and the power dynamics are shifting.

tough love doesn't work anymore since society elected a bully into office. a president who distinctly pulls triggers and silently blows dog whistles. he has made no effort to apologize, go back and view his wrongdoings or even study up on his history. before his inauguration, he had plenty of time and resources to figure out what he was actually getting himself into. had ample time to sit down with barak and study. he chose not to. he opted to surround himself with those who'd best direct and guide him. but now, it's october and a vast majority of those given such positions to advise and support, are gone .

tough love no longer works because fear is no longer an option. tough love no longer works because the bottom has fallen out on compassion and if events and situations call for it, the opposite is no longer required or received. society realizes "locker room talk" actually isn't okay or forgivable. it leads to harvey weinstein. it leads to abuse and harassment. tough love isn't progressive. it offers nothing other than shame and isolation. it's not as much a "tool" of the "real world" as it was once made out to be.

oh, people will still attempt to utilize tough love. the president of the united states will certainly continue to employ it because that's what he's used to, being our nation's eldest elected president (after ronnie). but it's not working. humans have evolved emotionally and the normalization of shame and abuse is on its way out.


Pick & Choose Battles

bill clinton did some cool shit! it’s true. but he was also pretty fucked up and if you wanna chat about men of power getting away with shit, then he shouldn’t be left out of the conversation. just saying. he had our society hate lewinsky. you realize this yes? i’ll put it to y’all this way: three fucking days after he testified to a grand jury that he didn’t boff monica, he bombed a sudanese aspirin factory. they claimed at the time it was where bin laden was “working on nerve gas”. it wasn’t. it was a civilian target. civilians died. and for what? to distract society. to pull focus from his testimony and her appearance in court, to bombing the bad guys. and as much as i do find bill clinton entertaining and smart, to answer hillary’s question of her aptly titled, “What Happened?”, what happened was you ultimately lost because of your husbsnd’s “legacy”. i still contest she should have left him right after she allegedly smashed the bedside lamp upside his head! then, i think she would have won. instead, around the time of this bombing and the grand jury trial, the monica shaming started. “i did not have sexual relations with that woman.” hillary, being a politician herself, decided to stand by her man and blame the other woman. the mistress. how fancy! hillary then blamed herself in the process, saying she believes she perhaps wasn’t giving bill what he needed emotionally. monica lewinsky was 21 years old at the time. “the girl the president came on”. “the blue dress”.

see, truth is-bill clinton is just as ambitious and just as narcissistic as frump is. as most of them are. but because he and guys like jfk are charming and handsome, they kinda get a pass. fat harvey and gross frump don’t. we pick and choose our battles. we decide which crimes are worse. who should serve a harsher takedown despite committing the same fucking heinous acts. bill cosby is still going. new trial coming up. simpson is walking around town. clinton is writing book reviews for the ny times and lecturing. as if he never deregulated wall street, didn’t “slut-shame” his intern and didn’t intentionally murder innocent sudanese civilians to draw attention away from his penis. elijah wood comes out with others like corey feldman, admitting hollywood has a pedophilia problem, and no one does a god damn thing. no one’s like, “holy shit! children are being molested in hollywood?!?!” no one. there’s a modern day slavery issue in which our nation has over 50K slaves, and no one bats a fucking eyelash. we pick and choose our battles. shame on what our society has morphed into and shame on what it’s always been.