The New Member of the Supreme Court Said in 2006 He'd Faithfully Follow Roe V Wade

brett kavanaugh, once a clerk to anthony kennedy, whom recently retired from the supreme court after roughly 30 years of service, is now officially, member of the supreme court. imagine that: the clerk to the judge stepping down, is now on the supreme court. sounds like a no-brainer, after all, serving kennedy, brett learned the most. he saw his boss be the swing, the pendulum needed in the highest court of the land, to pass that which would greatly affect united states' society.

many found it odd to begin with kennedy would retire. seeing how superstar, rbg keeps on going. seeing how nutty the administration is--he would be needed throughout this term to keep all balanced. but, since the travel ban was recently allowed, who cares? its still a mystery why he'd choose to opt out now. at this moment. some cited close relations between the trumps and tony kennedy's family. money and so on. it's also been said to be chosen as the next supreme court judge, some money and flips on decisions helps.

brett kavanaugh in 2006, said he would follow roe v wade "faithfully and fully". and while he spoke out against his 2017 appellate court's decision to allow a 17-year old immigrant receive an abortion, he refused to sign a proclamation, immigrants did not have constitutional right to an abortion. he's a flip-flopper. but at 53, and with two daughters, one can only hope he'd continue to see some light, and be on the ethical side of abortion decisions. would he overturn roe v wade? if he's to be anything like his old boss, then no. he wouldn't. how could he sleep after overturning it? what would his family think of him. his mom is a teacher in the dc area. he's a charitable person: helps people, and donates his time to tutoring kids.

but he could flip. he could be that asshole we've all been waiting for. but to think this way is only negative and doesn't do any good. those on the inside have indeed compared him to justice kennedy. perhaps brett will be middle of the road, with conservative leftist ethics and morals. but was he the best choice? was this what's best for society for many years to come? will kavanaugh be able to pick up where the justice kennedy legacy ended off? only brett himself knows. only he knows which way he'll face abortion in the second term, healthcare and the ultimate destruction of all facets of obamacare. brett has been in the washington dc appellate court for 12 years. he certainly has his share of experience and exposure to epic legal matters.

kavanaugh is awkward as heaven. he's a goofball and his family gets easily embarrassed around him. the announcement from trump featured a shotout to regan's ed meese. which should have been followed by a large gasp, rather than the cheesy, lame and endless applause. when trump announced brett's full name as his choice for the next justice of the supreme court, the short-as-depp goofball, walked out with his family, all like cute crabs...sideways. he, behind his two litttle daughters (yet, both almost taller than their pop), arms on their shoulders, while mrs. new justice, stood cringely to the side, smiling at her pals.

trump made it clear he wanted a judge to take away reproductive rights away from women. the question remains now whether brett can flip on his 2006 assertion.


Black Women Are Dying More Than You Know

move over, suicidal white males and unarmed black youth ages 14-24-african american women are presently dying faster than any other group within the united states. the reports and recent articles on the subject are heartbreaking and certainly in no way meant to pull focus from the other groups, aforementioned. but consider this: black women are three times more likely to die while giving birth than any other race. a staggering number to say the least. 

in addition to the high rates of death for black women giving birth, there's also diabetes, obesity and heart-related issues which contribute to such high mortality numbers. in an "atlantic" article, olga khazan writes, "across the united states, black people suffer disproportionately from some of the most devastating health problems, from cancer deaths and diabetes to maternal mortality and preterm births. although the racial disparity in early death has narrowed in recent decades, black people have the life expectancy, nationwide, that white people had in the 1980s—about three years shorter than the current white life expectancy. african americans face a greater risk of death at practically every stage of life."

black women seldom receive top-notch hospital/doctor healthcare. they pass during pregnancy for a variety of medical reasons. some of these reasons would not exist if the patients received better attention and care. blood loss, improper pain relief dosing, &c...

it's seemingly all too easy these days for bigot sexists to slam maxine waters. oprah winfrey and other strong, successful black women. being the country is run on racism and closed mindedness, such pig-headed ideology has not only become acceptable, it's often encouraged. remember, if one slips a fist to the face of a protester at a trump rally, he'll cover the legal costs. and despite the extreme death tolls for african-american women, nothing is more important right now than confusing and abusing families seeking asylum, meeting with murdering leaders around the world; and keeping the corruption wheel spinning.

roe v wade will never be overturned because too many politicians' mistresses get pregnant. besides, if somehow given to state rule, one might only imagine how many more black women would pass away due to botched, or "do-it-yourself" abortions. is that what it would take for society to realize how many brown women die in this country? trump doesn't care about refugees' health, and pretends to care about his own citizens', yet knows very little. he eats cheeseburgers in bed. the past few presidents have, themselves, kept active while their first ladies promoted eating healthier and exercise. trump plays golf and opens diet coke cans.

america will tell you to join a gym, then suggest big is beautiful and to be yourself. but which is it? some actresses are told to get rail thin, others asked to stay big. who tells the obese african-american female to exercise? and why would she? where and what are the incentives when better health isn't quite enough? how exactly can one eat healthier when such organic foods and good produce cost way more than what the local dollar store and fast food joint have to offer. 

who, other than themselves, is looking out for this group? this group whose children are subject to constant racial profiling while their male partners face incarceration. americans. worthy of any and all of society's attention. alas, seeing how puerto rico is still waiting for support and electricity in most areas, unless there's money to be had in figuring out how to best improve and prolong the lives of women who empower their communities, it will certainly take some time.  

The EPA is Extinct

scott pruitt, the man responsible for the environmental protection agency's day-to-day actions, resigned. rather, he stepped away from corruption, unethical behavior and lavishly spending tax payers' money. he took numerous trips and always flew first class. he had a soundproof box built in his office so no one could dare hear a whisper of his phone conversations. pruitt managed to roll back years of climate change policy and actions meant to protect the planet. he was instrumental is convincing trump to get out of the paris accord, an agreement backed by numerous nations in order to monitor their respective carbon, and otherwise, footprints. 

in addition to lobbyists hooking pruitt up with cheap airb&b-type luxury apartments, it was recently reported he asked aides to find work for his wife. mrs. pruitt also made off with six-figure salaries for doing next to nothing for various groups and organizations. instead of going to court and getting legal, the worse head of the epa resigned and is officially out on monday, july 9th.

picking up where pruitt leaves off, andrew wheeler, a coal lobbyist, is expected to give americans more of the same. same lack of ethics and morals, different suit. but since this is on the heels of trump hiring a fox news talking head, who resigned from that gig over sexual abuse allegations, as hope hicks' replacement (deputy of communications); wheeler makes sense. to assume trump would pick someone to head the epa who has every intention of protecting the earth and its people, is feverishly foolish.

andrew wheeler makes sense because, not only is he a lobbyist, he has simply nothing to offer and will only continue policy rollbacks. hopefully, the one silver lining (if any) is finally someone can explain to trump how "clean coal" does not literally mean getting out a brush and soap and cleaning coal.


No One Cares About Donald Meeting Rocketman

president donald trump met with and is, as of typing is, still meeting with kim jong un. this is the first time in forever and who knows when, the american president and the leader of north korea have met. today's schedule had a huge "tbd" as no one knew for sure how the meeting would go. it was said if within the first five minutes it felt as though the summit would prove to be a waste of time--trump was prepared to leave. but things went well, are going well and we can all smell the engraving being made on the noble peace prize award. well, at least trump's supporters can. 

while this is all happening, social media has gravitated more towards the story of a stand-up comedian getting engaged to a pop star singer. net neutrality. other stories namely because despite the event carrying historical value, the president has very little support in the grand scheme of things. dropping 121 bombs a day, or one bomb every twelve minutes, won't garnish high approval ratings. 

if the president wants more recognition and attention, perhaps in addition to beefing up wars, bomb drops and drone strikes, he should start paying more attention to u.s. citizens. he could try to attend g7 meetings in a timely fashion and listen to other nations instead of running away after displaying combative behavior. 


It's Been a While: What Happened to the Syrian Chemical Attack?

eva bartlett, a canadian journalist who has made it her business to uncover the truth about syria, recently spoke with redacted tonight's lee camp, about her experiences and chats with syrians. she asked them about the chemical attack and discovered no one, literally no one, died as a result. she spoke as few other journalists dare to, about the event being nothing short of a false flag designed to keep the united states involved in the region.

the photos above show a bustling city in syria. women walk the streets, citizens visit cafes, children run around and it looks like any other city around the world might. so where are these chemically attacked victims? why must the united states continue to figure out how to stick their policies and military in syria? is it too discouraging for americans to leave other nations alone and allow them to handle themselves? 

is it perhaps too unbelievable a country or other nation would be able to handle itself without involvement from the us? has western media fallen silent regarding the most recent chemical attack because it truthfully never even happened? and if so, why would it matter to united states' citizens anyway? millions spent on bombs to drop in syria, is a drop in bucket. an action which holds little emotional value to the average american. they're fed news about assad, hear "chemical attack" and instantly, us citizens are on board, full steam ahead, allfor "humanitarian" reasons of course. everything has its reasons, real or fabricated. 


Kim Jong Un Can Read and He Definitely Read "The Art of the Deal"

president trump is losing his mind lately, well, continues to anyway. this time, it's not over white house aides' wrongdoings, leaks from inside or the fbi. it's because north korea consistently calls his bluffs and goes against everything he tries to convey in his book, "the art of the deal". the one-time real estate mogul, who figured he could apply whatever behaviors  went unchecked in his world prior to taking office, is learning world leaders and dictators, wanting to learn more about him, can simply read his book. 

kim jong un knows full well president trump is a master of media manipulation. he knows trump uses the press to both start wars and use as his mouthpiece. since day one in office, society quickly learned the way to speak to or reach trump, was to go on television and speak to him directly. all other leaders have seen this, and know it too. there is, as of now, nothing "secretive" about the former reality-show host. 

beating him at his own game, jong un recognized us' military forces practicing on south korean soil. he probably got word about the special june 12th summit coins made and sold by the us government. maybe he saw blind trump supporters' chanting "nobel" at his rallies. like, "i went and hugged moon for this?" the president then takes credit not ony for korea's lovemaking, but for stepping away from the june summit. in the process, announcing china and japan will gladly incur any costs for us military action if necessary. 

trump is upset because other leaders can read. but mainly he's upset because he's a player getting played and with bolton breathing down his neck for more war, despite losing bombs fast (a major reason why trump is now back in bed with china, as they help provide the us with many of its bombs' components), something must be done his way and quickly. the trump administration has dropped 80% more bombs than obama did in eight years. this administration has also the highest rate of innocent civilian deaths under its belt. 


Peer-to-Peer is the New Face-to-Face as Social Media Ranks Supreme

peer-to-peer is king, face-to-face, unless via skype or google chat hangout, is fading. rarely does a corporate board meeting go by today without a member in attendance via laptop, or surrounded by a team located in a distant location, hudled around a webcam. roughly $31 billion was reportedly spent on social media advertising. and what was gained? what was the goal achieved? massive brand awareness and users' understanding of the project, product and mainly, shares and retweets. the days of in-person events and large gatherings for launches are also fading. consumer nation lives online. society finds itself streaming news, original programming and films. 

this is the new society. this is the newfound frontier for companies and traditional media to reach their audiences. it's been coming for some time and now, as the numbers coming in reveal, it's here. pump online content, use "influencers", generate revenue to then afford the more traditional adverts during late night television or prime-time (whatever that is). because if consumers are as worthy as we all know they are, they must be catered to; even as artificial intelligence dives into the pool. robots can't buy anything. and as smart and helpful as artificial intelligence is and will become, they don't deposit checks nor have a cryptocurrency portfolio. once they find out the means to independently invest for themselves and other robots, heads will explode. but, this is virtually impossible.

humans are humans. still capable of good and bad. still doing its best to regulate most facets of society and smack a label or team sticker on citizens. the united states has grown more divided over the past decade. namely because this lack of face-to-face, discussion and debate hinders true progress. given the lethargy and compassionless era, blanketing nearly everyone the world over, it's probably easiest to stick to online conversation and argument. it's safest to argue with a twitter bot, than actually physically listen to another person convey their opinions. just as it's easier to promote products and companies on social media where e-commerce flourishes as brands basque in the sunshine.